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張天使 Angel 為專業司儀,亦從事傳譯及配音工作。Angel 精通三文四語,包話粵語、英語、普通話及流利日語,活躍於商界及日系企業主辦的活動,主持各類型公開活動,包括大型展覽、會議、產品發布會、晚宴、頒獎禮、記者會和婚宴等。

Angel 畢業於香港中文大學日本研究學系,曾留學日本東京以及於大阪工作約四年,擁有日本語能力試驗一級資格。



為Slash Service Limited的創辦人,提供司儀﹑傳譯﹑產品推廣以及各類課程活動籌劃等服務。

Angel Cheung is a professional emcee, consecutive interpreter and voice-over talent. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese, she has profound experience in hosting different events for international especially Japanese brands, enterprises, governmental and other organisations in various occasions including exhibitions, conferences, product launches, annual dinners, award presentations, press conferences and wedding etc.


Angel holds a bachelor degree in Japanese Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also studied in Tokyo, Japan and worked in Osaka for almost 4 years with holding JLPT N1 qualification.

She is active in voluntary services and a member of C2 Master of Ceremonies Volunteer Group. She founded Slash Service Limited, providing services of Emcee, interpreting, marketing and event management for clients.

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